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Current Projects
The current project, Srisairam Towers is being built in a prime and picturesque location which is centrally located to avoid traffic jams every time you try to make it to your office in the software hub of Hyderabad.

We are sure, Srisairam Towers will be certainly your preferred destination
SANKALP CITY is being built in a picturesque location away from noise & pollution.
You only drive down to the magnificent eleven-storied RASHMIs SANKALP CITY from the JNTU junction through 4km of posh area embellished by aesthetically built multi-storied buildings.
After a Grand Success in Mumbai, now 'Apne Dam Par' enters Hyderabad amid Mass Aspirations.Offering Class Lifestyle!!! Since 'Rashmi Housing' decided to forge an alliance with 'Srisairam Group', to launch 2 BHK & 3 BHK Commodious project: 'Lake City'; Hafeezpet (Hyderabad) has emerged as the hottest epicentre of the real estate buzz in Hyderabad, 
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